The Real Inner Beauty Of Muslimah

The Real Inner Beauty Of Muslimah – Every muslimah always wish for physical beauty. but remember, inner beauty is  more important than physical one. because, it is useless for muslimah in having physical beauty, but neglecting the the improvement of character. and it is useless to be beautiful if people around hate us because of our bad behaviour. therefore, the beauty inside is more prioritize to defend muslimah dignity.

Keeping the beauty inside means giving an attention toward our own ethics and good character, beside, using body and sense for good deeds based on the rules of Islam. for example, a beautiful of lip can not only be seen  based on its phisically look, but the art of words and utterance that is said signifed its loveliness. the way of saying a word and good pronunciation gives deep impression for others.

Allah even also declare that one of of His servant good characteristic is based on their good utterance. those who are humiliated by ignorant person, and they don’t reply for it except using good and gentle words. Allah The almighty said, “And the servants of the Beneficent Allah are they who walk on the earth in humbleness, and when the ignorant address them, they say: Peace.(al-furqan: 63)

…a good muslimah won’t say useless utterance…

Next, a good muslimah wont say useless utterance. Rasulullah said, “ one of the goodness of Islam in somebody is leaving anything insignificant for them”,dealing with the hadith, Ibnu Rajab Al-Hambali said, “mostly, the interpretation of “leaves anything insignificant” are keep our lips and tongues for saying something useless ”

In Ad-daa` wa ad-Dawaa`, Imam Ibnu Qayyim Al-Jauziyah explained further “keeping our tongues is avoiding our selves for saying something useless. when  someone say anything, they are supposed to found its kindness for them selves and islam. when we wanna speak something, we have to think first, whether it has benefit and kindness on it or not? when it contains no advantage, we better to keep quiet,  and when it is useful we better think twice, is there any other useful words or not? so we dont have to waste our time for saying that first word”

Ghibah is also including to the case above. once again, muslimah should pay attention for anything they want to say. don’t let your self doing ghibah. when every moslem woman watch over their tongues from disturbing or hurting others, insya Allah they will be the real one.Rasulullah, may allah bless him and grant him peace, said, ”the real moslem is the one who could keep others from his own  word and hand dangers (Moslem)

Beside, moslem should pay attention on their other part of bodies, such as  their eyes. to have a beautiful and awesome eyes, we have to look at people kindnesses, don’t look thoroughly to their badness. Allah the almighty, have said, “O you who believe! avoid most of suspicion, for surely suspicion in some cases is a sin, and do not spy nor let some of you backbite others. Does one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? But you abhor it; and be careful of (your duty to) Allah, surely Allah is Oft-returning (to mercy), Merciful. (Al-Hujurat: 12).

…to have a beautiful and awesome eyes, we have to look at people kindnesses, don’t look thoroughly to their badness…

Rasulullah, may Allah bless him and grant him in peace, had warned  “ O all people who are believe  only on their mouth but not in their heart, don’t disturb moslem, do not difigured them, don’t you look thoroughly on their shame. whoever look thoroughly to the other moslem shame, undoubtedly Allah will look for their shame. If Allah has to look for their shames, undoubtedly Allah will open it although in their own houses. ” (At -Tirmidzi)

And one importing thing is using our eyes for anything that Allah The almighty  and the Prophet really pleasure on it.  in other words, we have to use it not for something bad. a good sight can be describe as magnificence spring,  but also source of lust and desire.

Many humans are fall into sorrows and humilities, just because they can not controling their eyes. it happens because their eye can not make them to always thank to Allah, and do bad deeds. A moslem woman who always watch over their sights,  can be insluded as a woman who pay attention to their dignity and their genitals. whomever let their own eyes to see anything including the bad one, can be fall into destruction. that is why the prophet had confirmed, “bend your eyes and take care your genitals. ”

Then take care your ear from listening bid’ah, gossip, infamous and deviate word,  or mention other person’s errors. ear is created to listen Allah verse and the prophet instructions. a pair of beautiful ear is the one which could take the benefits of islamic science.

Then good hand that a hand which is extended to help other moslems, by giving alms and tithe. we are given hands; one is used to help us and other is used to help another person. then Islam also teach that giving something is better than just accepting. dealing with this case, one day, the prophet was asked by one of his wife, “who is the one that will meet you for the first time? ” with a tremble voice, the prophet answered, “who has the longest hand among you all? so he is the one who will meet me on fisrt. ” the longest hands” meant by Rasulullah is the one who love to give alms to poor people.

So, we have to take good care our hand, don’t used it to strike other moslems, or being worn to take prohibited goods and steals, don’t used to hurt other Allah creature,  or betraying a mandate. or writing forbidden words.

Next, then beautiful foot have to be used for Allah Blessing. take good care our foot from walking to forbidden places or going to unbeliever’s area. because those are big sins and humiliateour selves. don’t use foot to hurt other moslems, but only for serving other people in Allah way, such as, visiting mosque, walking to learn Islam knowlege and make better relationship with others, going for Jihad, etc.

The Prophet had uttered, “ whomever let their foots to be on dust in Allah’s way, so it is forbidden for him to entering the hell” he explained again, “Allah will guarantee the one who out for fighting in Allah’s way”  The prophet also said, “whoever going out with me to do jihad, because of their belief in Allah the almighty and justify all of my teachings,  so I will guarantee him to entering the heaven. ”

Those matter are also include for human parts of body. all things look so beautiful and awesome if those are used in Allah and the prophet’ way. . physical beauty of muslimah is very influenced by their mind beauty. to get slim body, just try to share your food with other poor people.

The real beauty a muslimah is not lays in their physical beautis or the luxury of their clothes. the beauty is very influenced by their behaviour and their loyalty to Allah and Rasulullah. the real beauty is reflected to the soul.

So moslemn woman has to make a shy feeling because of Allah the almighty as the blush. they use veil as the hair cosmetic. they doing the recitation as their lipsticks. the glasses of them are avoiding the eyes from immoral thing. ablution are their powder for light at hereafter. their beautiful foot are always used to attending science assembly. their arms are used for a kindness for others. listening good things are beautiful earings for muslimah. their bracelets are tawadhu. their necklace are holinesses.

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