Terms of Acceptance of Charity

Terms of Acceptance of Charity.  “Al Quran Nul Qarim gives assertion that mankind was created not only for passing their life starting from birth, adult, and died. But they are cretaed to eb able to manage all sides of their life, begin from theirself, family, cosirty and nation to avoid all that is prohibited by Allah SWT.

When human beings was created, they have a task commonly called as Aq-Qur’an as the caliph in this earth. They are completed by by Allah with all eminence whether is is special eminence or general thing that every body also have. Beside the eminence they have, they also have many inadequacy as the philosophy that there is no perfect man in the world accept Allah SWT.

All eminence we got from Allah SWT must be expressed with full gratitude with all body and soul  and doing all the worship through the pure charity. This is because Allah hold and controlled each of the creature begin from the womb of the mother until he/she died. It is true that Al-Qur’an said that the sincerity in doing the charity is the special gift from the creature for the creator.

The doctrine of Islam, especially about the sincerity in worship is the assertion over the purity and the one and only of Allah SWT, accompanied by avoiding ourself with all forms of idolatry. In this attitude on the assertion on the purity and oneness of Allah must be built from all the attitudes, both in terms of heart’s assurance and the implementation of each utterance of charity worship. This becomes very important, because the meaning of sincerity in the worship is to admitted the oneness of God in various aspects of life based on the sincere intention.

As utteranced by Prophet Muhammad SAW “Innamal A’mallu in Niat” means that all charity should be accompanied with the intention (Bukhari & Muslim). According to him, every act of charity done by all members of the body like mouth, hands, feet and so forth will produce the results based on the intention. It is clear that, the sincere intention is an absolute requirement for the charity to be accepted. Based on the explanation from Rasulullah above, it is clear that an unsincere intention will be useless like dust blow by the wind.

Allah SWT promise the heaven for the human particularly a moslem people who done the worship sincerely and obediently. That promises are recorded in Surah Annisa verse 124-125. Allah SWT said that “ Those who done pious worships whether man or woman and he/she is man of faith, tehy will get in the heaven without any single bad treatment”.

And who is better in religion from those who submit themselves whole-hearted for Allah SWT, and he is being a good, and he followed Abraham religion that is right? And Allah SWT took Abraham as His belover.  Two verses of God’s utterances a bove said that “ the worship done sincerely will be rewarded by heaven.

Then, how about the worship done forcible? In this regard Rasulullah SAW has also said that Allah SWT will not accept those kinds of worship accept that thing done sincerity and the purpose is only to get the blessing of God. From now on we should questioned ourself, whether or not the worship we have done already meet the standard of sincerity and whether the worship we have done along this time still contaminated by the haughty in order to get the approbation from the boss, mother, girlfiend, father, friend etc.

The trully attitude supported by strong commitment toward moslem’s syariat which only hope the blessing from the God will produce the value of the sincerity itself. If we can defend it untill the end of our life, it is clear that we will get the happines after died, life full of worship and and died in faith (khusnul khatimah).

Only one word in this life we need to achieve that is sincerity. By sincerity in doing worship can defend ourself from harassment of devil that is curse by Allah SWT. Devil or satan also an invisible enemy of every moslem. As can be found in surah  Al Hijr 39-40 “ Satan said, my Allah, since You have decided that we are the losers, I promise to pervert every people in the world except Your mukhlis followers”.

“Meanwhile, Al-Quran explains the Mukhlis is a person who has been given Taufik to obey all instructions and commands from Allah SWT. Indeed, if Allah SWT already  gives iradat there is no one able to barred it. In addition sincerity in worship will be able to overcome any difficulties experienced by moslem. Surah Yusuf (Jonah) verse 105 will further clarify this matter.

Besides doing sincerity worship will perform the peaceful of mind and the equanimity. The peaceful mind which very hard to be found today san be easily felt by everyone who are done the worship full of sincerity and never feel disconsolate toward what Allah SWT gives you.

“ Actually my prayer, my worship, mi life and my died only for Allah SWT, God of the world, there is no other God except Him and that thing are commanded to me and we are the first follower who consigned ourself to Allah SWT. Surah Al An’am verse 162-163. The surah above are part of iftitah  prayer we read in prayer in the first rakaat.

The meaning of this utterances are the resignation of oneself and defensiveness in order to get the blessing of Allah. Besides, every moslem must realize and swear not to allied Allah SWT with other creature in this world and give priority for Islam as the way of their life in the world and after ythe world. We can get everything above easily if we always done what are commanded by Allah and leave what are forbidden. It is clear that all perverted happened in doing worship show that those people not yet sincere to do everithing. ( Al Qur’an and Hadith Rasulullah SAW).

Thus, through the sincerity in worship which is the absolute requirement of the acceptance of the someones’s worship means to lead everyone to be trained everytime by Allah SWT, that everyone always done dzikrullah and actualized it in daily life. How proud are the moslems because Allah SWT his self trained us to be an sincerity creature like what we done in Ramadhan month. One thing we need to remain that every worship done full of haughty, liar, will never get nothing, it likes fooling yourself. Allah Hu A’llam.

Published in Haluan daily newspaper  On Friday December 08, 2006
 Author: observer Social and Religious.
Living in Padang

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