Ramadan Mubarak – Islamic Holiday Celebrations for the Family

Ramadan Mubarak – Islamic Holiday Celebrations for the Family – Ramadan is ending and the excitement is building as many are anticipating the conclusion of fasting and the beginning of the Islamic holiday.

Ramadan Mubarak means congratulations on a successful Ramadan or Ramadan blessings. Some say Ramadan Mubarak, but many say, “Koll Aaam Wa Antom Bekhayr.” Ramadan was a month of sacrifice and a month of worship hoping to sight Layalat al-Qadr. Layalat al-Qadr is a night worth 1000 months of worship and a night when the angels greet the successful worshipers.

The next morning at sunrise the sun rises like the moon with no rays to show Muslims that the miracle of Allah has passed. If anyone has ever seen this beautiful miracle, the Muslim will be in shock and amazement at the absolute beauty of the moment.

According to the hadith, there will only be a few who will be granted the right to see this event, so being among those chosen is a great honor. Afterwards run to prayer and thank Allah for allowing this miracle to come to pass and the blessings that were received.

Ramadan Mubarak – The End of Ramadan

After the sighting of Layalat al-Qadr many Muslims will get lazy and neglect the full worship of Ramadan. It was for this reason that Muslims must strive to be steadfast after Ramadan. A test of a successful Ramadan will be a change in the Muslim’s character. Could any Muslim not be changed if Angel Gabriel was shown in the same form as was to Prophet Mohammad, upon receiving the Quran?

The end of Ramadan should be met with more worship and more praise, not less. It should be a time when the heart is filled with joy and that many black stains are removed. It is a time that all Muslims will gather together, not to make “Cake de Eid” (date cookies), but a time when the Quran is read more and nafl (voluntary) prayers increase.

As Ramadan comes to a close, reflect on the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad and how he did not sleep the night before the prayer of Eid and worshiped Allah the entire evening to get the entire reward of a successful Ramadan.
Islamic Holidays and Food Served to Guest

Although Katayef is traditionally served during Ramadan and usually after the meal to visitors, it can still be served on the Eid holiday also. Katayef is a pancake like bread that is stuffed with dates, cheese or a nut mixture. It is then topped with sugar syrup that is laced with cinnamon. Here is the recipe: Katayef. Some guest will make the traditional sweet holiday bread with many spices including sesame, anise and black cumin.

The Islamic holiday after Ramadan is called Eid (holiday) ul Fitr. It is traditionally celebrated for 4 days and during those 4 days; families go from house to house of neighbors and family greeting them. It is traditional when visitors come, to serve them mamoul (date cookies) and Arabic coffee. Arabic coffee is slow brewed with cardamom and has no sugar. It is served in tiny cups and any guest who refuses to drink some Arabic coffee has insulted the family.

Mamoul is made with lots of oil (clarified butter and oil) and many spices and some sugar. It is filled with dates and some mamoul is filled with nuts. Some mamoul is dusted with powdered sugar also. Mamoul will take days to make so a family who serves mamoul and Arabic coffee is one who cares about the guests and has preserved the family name. Here are some Arabic recipes for guests on the Islamic holiday Eid ul Fitr.

Eid ul Fitr Greeting Cards

Greeting cards came into existence in recent years as technology improved. The computer age erupted and made the sending of Eid cards very simple. Eid cards are not a Sunnah tradition of Ramadan. With many companies offering e-cards this meant that cards and greetings could be sent around the world in an instant and many companies are offering free Eid greeting cards.
Greeting cards are a way of showing love ones the real love of Islam and family unity. Not all families can visit and be together and for many the Islamic holiday is sad and lonely. Receiving a card just may be a way of doing a good deed and a way to be blessed for the intention.

Ramadan Mubarak is a Day of Success

In the end when all is said in done; the end of Ramadan is a day of success. The Muslim has successfully finished the fasting, given the zakat (charity to the needy) and paid the Fitr (money due the poor) and attended the Salat of Eid (prayer after Ramadan). Saying Ramadan Mubarak over and over again is traditionally done at the announcement when Ramadan has ended and after the prayer service is concluded.

It is sad in many ways, as during Ramadan there are many get-togethers and much time spent with friends praying at the Mosque which will be missed. It is also sad to see Muslims who do not follow the Ramadan teachings the entire year.

On the authority of Ibn ‘Umar, who said: The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, took me by the shoulder and said: “Be in this world as though you were a stranger or a traveler/wayfarer.”

Ibn ‘Umar used to say: “When evening comes, do not expect (to live till) morning, and when morning comes, do not expect (to live till) evening. Take from your health (a preparation) for your illness, and from your life for your death.” [Al-Bukhari]

* Muslims invoke Allah’s blessings on the Prophet Muhammad whenever this name is mentioned. ( islam.suite101.com )

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