The Losers in Prayer

The Losers in Prayer. Prophet Muhammad SAW said “Actually, the first charity will be calculate from a servant on the Day of Resurrection is their prayer, if they have good prayer they are lucky person. However, if they prayer is worse they will be a looser.” ( HR. Nasai). What it is said by Prophet Muhammad above all centrally to Allah Almighty by means the prayer we done everyday is purposed to keep us being a loyal, obedient and keep our faith to Him. A Command on praying or another good things we done all for Allah but the kindness and the advanteges of it will be for the human. The question is, what kind of praying will give us advanteges and kindness? Whether it is the praying we done in hurry, or the praying we done at the end of the time (neglecting) that is done only to fulfil our obligation?

This is what Prophet Muhammad SAW afraid of, because when he was doing Isra’-Mikraj, he saw very strange case. Many man and woman hit their body and their head then the blood flow like river because of it. Those people speak full of regret and say “ how poor we are, how painful is this”. Prophet Muhammad asked to Jibril (an angel), who are they, ya Jibril and why they hit themselves like that and keep groaned? Jibril said, “ they are your follower Muhammad, who did not do they prayer on time, they like to neglect it and do it willfully. (Darattun Nasihin).

In Al-Qur’an has been explained that the best and most valuable prayer is the prayer which is done in the beginning of the time which also the basic condition for being accepted by God. Doing prayer on time will carry us to appreciate the time and discipline. On time prayer and correctly done, accurate and orderly is the form of our dedication to Allah. Besides, someone who done prayer must able to actualized the meaning of praying by doing harity in their daily life. For example, every people who does sujud (bow from kneeling position so that the forehead touches floor) will never be an arogant, bravado, or haughty person because they all bent down and bow only to Allah SWT.

Rasulullah SAW said that “ a tight promise betwen us and them is their prayer, so for those who leave prayer means they are infidel”. (HR. Ahmad & Ashabus Sunan). Refer to the Hadith above, Islam has made a clear border between them who are the follower of Muhammad or the infidel is on their prayer, if they do prayer as it used to be, means they are moslem but if not they are infidel. Because in our prayer containt of intention and full of holy utterances which exalting Allah Almighty by saying Allahu Akbar means Allah Almighty in each of our movement.

It will be very lofty if we can do prayer on time since it will create willing sacrifice, tawadhu’, and always concious to ourself. This thing will be actualized in togtherness in form of prayer together of, which the reward of doing prayer like this 27 times that do it alone. As cited from one of Muhammad SAW hadith, from Ibnu Umar RA that “ Rasulullah said ‘ doing prayer together is much more better thatn do it alone with 27 degree”. (HR Bukhari and Muslim).

Prayer that is done together will be more grace than alone. The gracious lies in the spiritually satisfaction and will create the solidarity. If it is done in family, it will create the harmonious, solidarity  in family and under the blessing of Allah SWT. These all will create the will to perform a better prayer. The discipline and another good things that have been done will be more perfect and usefull in our daily life. So, praying together can create good environment and good life for those who did it correctly. Moreover if it is followed by optional prayer.

In Al-Qur’an sura Al Ankabut verse 14 is one of God’s decree containing the command to establish the prayer, “And establish the prayer, indeed prayer prevent acts of despicable and disavowal.” Etimologically, prayer (Shalat) comes from Arabic word means prayer, and according to the term, prayer is a certain worship composed of a few of the deeds and words starting from Takbiratul Ihram and end with salaam. The words here means the intention and every utterance that is uttered in praying favorably and correctly, meanwhile the acts done in prayer reflects the obedient and the incapable of the servant in the hereafter. It can be seen when we done bow to the floor (sujud) in praying, our heand and foot are equally low, both of them touch the floor. The most important thing is how can we leave all our jobs when the calling for prayer comes then how we actualized it in our daily life. Because every right or bad things we done in this world, how small or big it is, will have its own reward in end of the day from Allah SWT.

In simple understanding, prayer is the pillar of Islam, roe those who are done wudhu with full awareness with the holy water then do prayer with sincerity and devotedly means they have establish the pillar of the Islam itself. In vice versa, for thise who leave the prayer wittingly or unwittingly means they hae broke the pillars of Islam. They do not understand the decree of Allah SWT in Sura Taha verse 14 “ Actually I am Allah, there is no Gos accept me, so that establish the prayer to remember Me”.

In another side Rasulullah SAW gives warn related to the central worship of moslem. For those who are neglect prayer are the loser and Wail hell are for them. Meanwhile those who said that they are moslem but never did their obligation will be the occupant of Saqar hell. As the moslem, we can think again and again, never think to leave prayer because only neglect it is sinfull, what will happened if we leave it, Nauzubillahi min zhalik.

Paryer is one of the most obliged worship must be done by moslem which the time have been set by Allah SWT through Al-Qur’an and Sunnah of the prophet. Unfortunatelly some moslem easily neglect it event leave it wittingly, and it is usual for them.

The decree of Allah SWT above, presumably suffiecient to give a positive contribution to us as the basic thing to persuade our mind and heart that prayer is very important in our live to make us closer to Allah SWT as the creator of the creature. The prayer that is done accordance with what Rasulullah teach us not the prayer that is done carelessly and also not the prayer that is done in the end of the time and forcible. Hope we do not include those who are deny the religion of Allah and do not include as the losers because prayer is the actualized of the charitable and the faith itself. From many sources…

Published in Haluan daily newspaper on Friday  24 February 2006.
The writer is the observer of social and regiousness.
Live in Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia.

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